eBay Seller Lament

Combing through Facebook this morning and was on the "Philosophical Gentleman's Pipe Smoking Society" group and saw the following post from David Goostree:

Some of you may know that I sell pipes on eBay. Recently eBay made some changes that I didn't like much, but if I intend to keep selling pipes on eBay I have to comply.
Some of these changes includes having to offer 30 days return policy, and if someone wants to return something, I have to pay the return postage or risk losing My top-rated seller status. Another thing I don't like is ... they now charge Me fees on not just the selling price, but also on the shipping AND any sales tax they collect from people. There may be other things too but it's a very long confusing legal contract and I haven't figured it all out yet. I MIGHT be forced to send all International shipments to eBay's Kentucky re-mailing center and this may add hefty fees on to the buyer, but since I'm unsure, I just changed all of my listings to 30 day returns and marked them as free returns and that shouldn't be too much of a problem because I get very few returns. I guess I just have to wait and see how it goes.

Frankly, I preferred buying my pipes from folks like Frenchy, James Island Piper, and other such sites over eBay. It was more work for them in a way, but waaaaay more personal and you get all of the money from the sales and you're in control of the process and how it works for you.

In the small world of all things pipes, word of mouth to get the site 'known' wouldn't be too difficult.

I can see many folks restricting their purchasing of pipes on eBay even more now. I've noticed that many sellers of other items are forced to have their items processed through that Global Shipping scheme. I live in Canada, and when I bought a sweater on eBay, it had to do that route and it added to the cost of the item and also guaranteed that it would get dinged with duty and taxes. (For those who don't know, there is a specific tax on briar pipes coming in to Canada!)

Personally, I find that the deals once there on eBay along with reasonable pricing is all but gone now. Taking the high demand in Asia where deep pockets have jacked up the general pricing on all the juicy pipes have all but left the rest of us Grabows and Medicos to pick through, and combine it with the higher costs of eBay fees, and it's challenging for sure.

That was my posted reply. It doesn't surprise me that eBay is going to start insisting on hiking up their fees based on shipping and taxes now. As a buyer from Canada purchasing from the US, we take a hit on the PayPal fees, the exchange rate, the shipping costs, and the TIME it takes to get anything nowadays really sucks.

Any thoughts?

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