1) No posting of vulgar or obscene material, sexual innuendos or other inappropriate or illegal material, such as pornography, warez and sexually explicit/mild photos. In other words keep the smut off the site please.

2) Please refrain from using swear words in posts. Although we realise that most people are extremely broad minded and will not be bothered by the use of any known swear word, there are many members here who find swearing totally unacceptable. 

3) Be nice to each other and respect the moderators! Profanity, Flaming and insults will not be tolerated. There will be no "Naming and Shaming" as the named party will usually not have the option to respond. Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy.

4) Respect the netiquette: take your time and get to know the forum before you post.

5) Try to keep the focus: questions outside the scope of a certain forum will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

6) Do not spam.

7) Keep the size of images uploaded to the site to a maximum of 1024 pixels wide. Links to images hosted elsewhere are exempt from this rule.

8) No cross posting - post your message once, to the appropriate forum and nowhere else.

9) The number of posts a member has on these boards have no direct relation to the experience of a member...

10) Please do not include complete articles in the content of your post, link to the article instead.

11) You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with any copyright with regards to published material and your avatar.

12) Multiple registrations are prohibited.

13) Keep your details up to date, members without valid email addresses will be removed from the site.

14) Political discussions not directly related to smoking are prohibited. Political discussions relating to smoking must be posted in the Tobacco Legislation forum otherwise they will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

15) Discussions of any type about illegal substances including flippant remarks such as drugs are prohibited and will be deleted without notice.

16) Religious discussions are strictly prohibited and will be deleted without notice.

17) Racism is strictly prohibited, posts/threads will be deleted without notice.

18) All threads initiating a discussion of cigarettes will be removed without notice. The Ottawa Pipe Club is for the discussion of subjects related to pipes, pipe tobacco and cigars. Posts about cigarettes in other threads will be addressed on a case by case basis.

19) Instructions by the administrator are to be followed.

NB: These rules can be changed without notice, though normally we would announce changes via announcement in all the forums.

The owner of the site reserves the right to remove members or edit, move or close any thread/post for any reason.

If you don't comply with these rules, your membership is subject to termination.


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